Dr. Shelley Plumb

Producer, Author, Entrepreneur

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It is alleged that Dr. Shelley Plumb spent 15 years of life, building a career in podiatry and being bloody successful too. Further, she is accused of believing and spreading the message that self-esteem is the foundation of empowerment. Not to mention she saw many ups and downs in her personal life but never gave up. But wait, it doesn’t stop there – the defendant is also accused of making bold career moves. One day she was a Podiatric Physician and the next morning she wakes up as the founder of a Media Production Company.

Yes, like you, we are very curious as to how it all happened and I do not take such bold moves lightly, so Dr. Shelley Plumb, it is time for me to get All Up In Your Business as you take the stand to present your case!

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Know More About Shelley Plumb

Dr. Shelley Plumb is a woman on a mission. As a wife, mother, physician, and
executive producer at PlumbTalk Productions, she focuses her gifts on uplifting and inspiring others. Born in Renton, Washington Shelley has always had a life-long love for nature and enjoys hiking, biking and camping with family and friends.
Adversity came early for Shelley, when at 7 years old, she lost her mother in a fatal car accident. She survived the tragedy and has been a living legacy of perseverance ever since.

Driven to encourage and energize others, Shelley refuses to let personal
trauma define her. Shelley received her undergraduate degree with honors from Pacific University and went on to earn her Doctorate Degree from Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. She served as Chief Podiatry Resident at the prestigious Crozer-Chester Medical Center of Pennsylvania where she completed her Podiatric surgical training.

Late in her surgical career, Shelley transitioned from Foot and Ankle surgeon to entrepreneur developing PlumbTalk Productions; a multimedia production company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As the founder, CEO and Executive Producer at Plumb Talk Productions, Shelley
provides worldwide state-of-the- art video production services for businesses. She
assists individuals in achieving their lifelong ambitions through increased exposure
and the power of video marketing. She is revered in her professional community for her creativity and attention to detail. Shelley is said by many to “put the heart back in video production.”

It was not an easy transition from physician to entrepreneur, but with the support of her family, friends, children and loving second husband Shelley continues to thrive as a producer, video coach and prominent speaker. Forever thankful for the competent team at PlumbTalk Productions, Shelley is the embodiment of a renaissance woman uplifting and empowering others through her words and actions.

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