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Audacious Confidence - Season 1, Episode 3 - Featuring Deborah Bringelson

CLICK to join the conversationAudacious Confidence is an interactive Web-Series Talk-Show with Alicia Couri the founder of the Red Carpet CEO & Executive Producer of Dreamaniac TV. Tune-in on Tuesday, FEB 12, 2019 at 6 PM EST with Alicia Couri, and meet Deberah Bringelson, a leading Business Growth and Empowerment Experts.YOU JUST CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS IT! (But don't worry, if you do, you can watch the replay) The show will be broadcasted LIVE at so if you are watching this anywhere else, make sure to switch to the Dreamaniac TV page so your comments can be seen, and host and guest of the show can interact with you. If someone you know does not have Facebook, they can still tune-in LIVE via Let's empower each other with some fearless and fierce Audacious Confidence, with Alicia Couri. REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE, TAG AND TURN-ON NOTIFICATIONSProducer: Szebastian OnneBrought to you by: Dreamaniac TVLIVE Streamed via:

Posted by Dreamaniac TV on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

REPLAYS of the recent broadcasts

Women Unleashed – Anj Handa

Women Unleashed Episode 5 featuring Anj Handa

Women Unleashed, the web series on women empowerment - Season 1, Episode 5, with your hosts Alicia Couri and Szebastian Onne - today's feature Empowerment Guest is Anj Handa, founder of Inspiring Women Change Makers, from UK. Please visit for - - More information about Anj Handa - Learn about Inspiring Women Changemakers- Ways to contact Anj Handa - Explore services and membership options for IWCM #WomenUnleashed #GenderEquality #AnjHanda#INSPIRE #AudaciousConfidence #DreamaniacTV

Posted by Women Unleashed on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

almostNakedCONVERSATION – Eleni & Alicia – Mental Health

#almostNakedCONVERSATION with Szebastian Onne - about Mental Health

#MentalHealth is a very important conversation that needs to continue in order to create awareness, end the treatment of the topic itself as a taboo and change or even save lives by creating a dialogue. In that attempt, we dedicate this episode to Mr. Rubí Lafuente, who passed away less than 24 hours ago due to Alzheimer's Disease after a long struggle and frustrating journey with the disease and are beginning an #almostNakedConversation on #MentalHealth with @Alicia Couri and Eleni Anastos hosted by the #almostNakedCEO Szebastian Onne.Rubí was a funny, kind and compassionate man who like myself, insisted on his name being prounounced right, so always let people know its Rubeeee with an accent on the i. His choice was to be cremated to be merged back into the elements, which will happen on Jan 07, 2019. We wish all the love and strength to the Lafuente family in this time of loss and grief. Maribel Lafuente has been his greatest daughter standing by him to the very last minute of this difficult journey and we salute her for her kindness, solidarity and strength despite how heartbreaking this journey has been for her. I also want to thank my sister Sue Byles and mother Santosh Satish J. in being the rocks of my #MentalHealth journey without a single shred of judgement, and with full-force being my support-system in good, bad and worst days of my struggles. Their love, understanding and kindness has helped me continue my #INSPIRE journey with much success despite all the odds.-----------#MentalHealth es una conversación muy importante que debe continuar para crear conciencia, terminar el tratamiento del tema como un tabú y cambiar o incluso salvar vidas mediante la creación de un diálogo.En ese intento, dedicamos este episodio al Sr. Rubí Lafuente, quien falleció hace menos de 24 horas debido a la enfermedad de Alzheimer después de una larga lucha y un viaje frustrante con la enfermedad y está comenzando una #casta conversación desnuda sobre la salud mental con @Alicia Couri Eleni Anastos organizada por el #almostNakedCEO Szebastian Onne.Rubí era un hombre gracioso, amable y compasivo que, como yo, insistía en que su nombre se pronunciara correctamente, por lo que siempre la gente sabe que es Rubeeee con un acento en la i. Su elección fue ser incinerado para volver a fusionarse con los elementos, lo que ocurrirá el 7 de enero de 2019. Deseamos todo el amor y la fuerza a la familia Lafuente en este momento de pérdida y dolor. Maribel Lafuente ha sido su hija más grande junto a él hasta el último minuto de este difícil viaje y la saludamos por su amabilidad, solidaridad y fortaleza a pesar de lo desgarrador que ha sido este viaje para ella.También quiero agradecer a mi hermana Sue Byles y a mi madre Santosh Satish J. por ser las rocas de mi viaje #MentalHealth sin un solo fragmento de juicio, y con toda mi fuerza como mi sistema de apoyo en los días buenos, malos y peores de mi vida. luchas Su amor, comprensión y amabilidad me han ayudado a continuar mi viaje #INSPIRE con mucho éxito a pesar de todas las probabilidades.

Posted by Almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne on Sunday, January 6, 2019

almostNakedCONVERSATION – Eleni Anastos – Relationship with Money

Another #almostNakedConversation with Szebastian Onne - Episode 5

Another #almostNakedConversation with Szebastian Onne - about Your Relationship with Money,and how to create healthy professional boundaries. Produced, Directed and Hosted by - Szebastian Onne - InspireTopic Expert - Eleni AnastosSeason 1, Episode 5Brought to you by Dreamaniac TVBroadcasted LIVE via platform

Posted by Almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne on Sunday, January 6, 2019

almostNakedCONVERSATION – Alicia Couri

almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne - featuring Alicia Couri

Episode 3 - an 'almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne' featuring Alicia Couri - talking about Authenticity versus Arrogance versus Confidence!And we also talk about Alicia Couri's radio show 'Unleashed Your Audacious Confidence' returning in a multi-cast format as Audacious Confidence Video Webseries, LIVE Streamed via Watch this episode to learn more about Alicia Couri's journey towards confidence, and we talk about the fine line between confidence and arrogance, while remaining authentic ourselves. What a finish to the 2018! We can't wait to see y'all in 2019 with so many more shows by Dreamaniac TV! Szebastian Onne #INSPIRE

Posted by Almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne on Friday, December 28, 2018

almostNakedCONVERSATION – Lily Chauvin

almostNaked Conversation with Szebastian Onne and Lily Chauvin

Preface: A Confession. I believe I could have done better production justice to my guest Lily Chauvin than I did in this episode, and hence I apologize and promise to bring her back again with a much better delivery on my part. She truly was the saving grace fir everything I lackedUnscripted, Unprepared, Unready ... on-the-go LIVE webseries Almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne featuring Lily Chauvin, the author of Authentically YOU!'..You will find background disruptions, off topic conversation, personal and impersonal sharings and random yet focused dialogue in every episode like today. So if you like it raw, unfiltered and unscripted, this is your go-to-show . ..The replay will also be available within 1 hour of actual LIVE Streaming at and ..Thank you Lily Chauvin for coming on the show at such a short notice and keeping it real and INSPIRE the Dialogue on #AUTHENTICITY! .- Szebastian Onne #INSPIRE

Posted by Almost Naked Conversation with Szebastian Onne on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Alicia Couri – #HelpSaveGina Appeal

Urgent Appeal - Help Save Gina's Life

An URGENT, Important and humble appeal to Help save Gina's Life. Gina is our Virtual Assistant for a long time and recently gave birth to a baby but the joy was short-lived as Gina herself went into a Cardiac Arrest and urgently needs funds to pay for her medical treatment. Details at from Alicia Couri and her teams from - Alicia Couri , Dreamaniac TV, Szebastian Onne

Posted by Alicia Couri on Friday, January 4, 2019

Catching-up with Angelika Christie

Surprise LIVE with Dr. Angelika Christie

A SURPRIZE LIVE chat with a phenomenally beautiful woman and an inspiration voice in my own life!Meet Dr. Angelika Christie of Prosper on Purpose Retreats. We had a very informal, spontaneous and in-depth chat about the secrets to a happier, younger yourself at any age and the laser-therapy that helps change your and beautiful Awesome Retreats in the Bahamas for ladies around and over 50, at the crossroads of life, helping them rediscover their strength and authentic journey. What you don't know is even when the technology gave us a hiccup, after we wrapped up the show, we still were on call with each other for another 30 minutes. She is that awesome source of energy, growth and happiness! Szebastian Onne #INSPIRE

Posted by on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Women Unleashed – Alisha & Cindy

Women Unleashed - Season 1, Episode 4 with Alisha & Cindy

Join us with our 2 powerful Empowerment Guests Alisha Castagnera Fletcher & Cindy Rodriguez Kelley. It will be fun and so inspirational. This is our final show until next year so you know it's going to be a big one! #Inspire #Personalbranding #WomenUnleashed #AliciaCouri #SzebastianOnne #Genderequality

Posted by Women Unleashed on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Women Unleashed – Angelika & Lily

Women Unleashed, Season 1, Episode 3 - Angelika Christie & Lily Chauvin

Episode 3 of WOMEN UNLEASHED and meet two phenomenal women Angelika Christie and Lily Chauvin - hosted by Alicia Couri and Szebastian Onne

Posted by Women Unleashed on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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