Dr. Keiron Brown

Women Unleashed is BACK with the Season 2 and this time we brought in a twist. Dr. Keiron Brown is the first male to appear on the Women Unleashed show and not just that, for the first time we ran a lucky draw.

In this episode we interviewed Dr. Brown and got his views on Empowering Women in relationships and need for self-confidence and belief in relationships. This was a phenomenal interview. Watch the replay here. 

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Meet, Dr. Keiron Brown

Dr. Keiron Brown is originally from Hallandale, Florida. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1985 and with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 1989, both from the University of Central Florida. He completed his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree in Clinical Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1993.

Dr. Brown has worked with individuals and couples on various issues, but has specialized in relationship issues since 1990, and has extensive experience with psychological assessment, having conducted more than 3,000 psychological evaluations.

Dr. Brown has published a series of books to help improve relationships:

• Don’t Date A Psycho: Don’t Be One, Don’t Date One
• Don’t Date A Psycho: Personality Tests to Discover the Real You!
• Don’t Date A Psycho: The Workbook for Changing Your Life!

Dr. Brown has created two mobile apps to help people navigate life obstacles and to improve their emotional health:
• Active Life Coach
• Christian Life Coach

Dr. Brown has also completed the first of a series of online courses:
• 7 Steps to Your Best Relationship Ever

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