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Karen Alleyne-Means has seen what adversity feels like and what it can do to one’s self-confidence and courage. She has seen what it means to suffer great personal loss and how it can effect one’s professional and personal life. She learned the hard way how to be strong and overcome all challenges of life. Karen has not only overcome these setbacks of life but also started the journey of helping others dealing with dark times in their lives. Her soulful messages have been featured in magazines and radio stations and more with a recent book published called Emergent Soul: Rising From Life’s Darkest Moments.

Meet Karen, you are bound to be amazed by her kind, empowering and soulful presence.

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January 07, 2019

Another #almostNakedConversation with Szebastian Onne – about Your Relationship with Money,and how to create healthy professional boundaries. Subject Matter Expert, and the Founder of Business Insights Now, Eleni Anastos, joins Szebastian again to talk about:

1 – Healthy Relationship with Your Money

2 – Creating Professional Boundaries

and everything in between!

January 05, 2019

#MentalHealth is a very important conversation that needs to continue in order to create awareness, end the treatment of the topic itself as a taboo and change or even save lives by creating a dialogue.

In that attempt, we dedicate this episode to Mr. Rubí Lafuente, who passed away less than 24 hours ago due to Alzheimer’s Disease after a long struggle and frustrating journey with the disease and are beginning an #almostNakedConversation on #MentalHealth with Alicia Couri and Eleni Anastos hosted by the #almostNakedCEO Szebastian Onne.

December 26, 2018

On December 26, 2019 at 2 PM EST, Szebastian asked her the hard hitting questions, “Is arrogance the necessary evil of authenticity?” and “Is being inconsiderate and potty-mouth being authentic or just plain arrogant?”

If you are also in a similar predicament about authenticity, checkout her views on the ‘almostNakedCONVERSATION with Szebastian Onne’ page and if you missed the chance to join Eleni in the conversation, don’t worry, she will be back on more shows!

Who Is Karen Alleyne-Means

Karen Alleyne-Means is a motivational speaker, author and sales transformation specialist who posses a deep-rooted passion for supporting women with their personal and professional development. She has impacted many people through her life-changing principles of authentic and abundant living. She is an award winning entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach who specializes in helping women overcoming their self-limiting beliefs and step into and own their greatness. Her soulful messages have been featured in magazines and radio stations and more with a recent book published called Emergent Soul: Rising From Life’s Darkest Moments.
She is the wife to Shawn, and has her wonderful children, son’s Khristopher & Kellen and her daughter Kelsey.

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