Vanessa Canevaro’s motto, ‘we’re all here to help each other along’ has been the foundation in which she’s built of her life. Once a teen single mom, she is now the mother of 3 grown sons, a published author of 3 successful books and the co-author of an Amazon International Best-Seller.

A life journey of self love and acceptance has led her to become a Mindset Coach. She loves helping others understand their own superpowers and that in order to break through the barriers that have been holding them back, first they must realize those fences aren’t real.

Dream Big is Vanessa’s theme, but Always Dream Bigger is her goal.

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Hi, I am Vanessa Canevaro

Vanessa Canevaro grew up on a farm outside of Muenster, SK Canada. At the age of 5 she decided she wanted to be a writer and 31 years later made her dream come true with the launch of her first book, I Want a Dragon. Two years following a second book in the children’s genre, Zero the Super Hero was released with glowing reviews.

Always dreaming bigger, Vanessa decided to never set limitations on her creativity and started her journey into the historical fiction world. After 3 years of research, writing and encouragement, Of Lions and Lambs was born, published and accepted with 5-star reviews.

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