CeCe Espeut, a Former US Marine who found herself on the wrong side of the law. Once an ex-offender CeCe transformed into a motivational speaker and advocate who did not let her mistakes define the rest of her life.

Instead, she chose to take the Second Chance and not only turn things around for herself but #INSPIRE others to influence a change in every life she has touched ever since.

Today, as CeCe puts it, she is changing lives, one photo at a time.

CeCe is not just an amazing human but a phenomenal role-model and a very deserving poster-girl of the fact that Second Chances Work!

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Hi, I am CeCe

As speaker and photographer, my passion is traveling the world and meeting fascinating people. My background, however, includes a criminal conviction for drug conspiracy (1997-1999).

In 2012 I was granted clemency by Florida Governor Rick Scott, and that changed my business forever. Many people had questions about the clemency process and how they could get their criminal records sealed, expunged or pardoned, so in addition to my photography, I wrote a book called, The Florida Clemency Guide (2017).

My experience with Toastmasters International allows me to consult with and speak to companies on how they could be more socially consciousness by giving 2nd chances to formerly incarcerated individuals, and my passion for photography allows me to do my first love, photographing weddings.

I love happy endings. The romance and “Happily-Ever-After” stories from the weddings I photograph is not so far removed from the “Happily-Ever-After stories that occur when I help ex-offenders smoothly re-enter society. I know first-hand the difference it can make in a family’s life, because I know the difference it made in mine.

Now I get to do the two things I am passionate about. Working with socially responsible corporations that hire ex-offenders, and permanently sealing the joy that weddings offer. Whether working as an executive board member on the Broward County ReEntry Coalition, or serving as the head chairperson for the Television Production Program at McFatter Technical college, I have come a long way from being known as the “worst server” at a local restaurant.

Today I get to help others. And that is my true life passion.


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