TODAY April 2nd, 6 PM is significant because it is the date of the year that women and minorities must work up to in order to earn what a man earned the previous year.

When it comes to the wage gap in gender, how confident are you to ask for and expect what you deserve?

This week on the Audacious Confidence Show Alicia Couri’s guest Carrie Moore, Founder – Carrie Moore International is an international Culture Catalyst with a strong proven track record for making positive systematic changes, improving operational bandwidth, and implementing self-led leadership strategies for organizations.

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Hi, I am Carrie

Carrie has been recognized throughout her career for her tenacious drive and belief in the possibility of people, organizations, and communities. She believes she is one of many here to tie the entrepreneurial spirit of business to create capital to scale human need.

Leading the way within a progressive movement in workforce development, she expertly leverages her in-depth experience and knowledge gleaned over many years working in sales and business development while holding senior positions of influence at leading financial institutions such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and AEGON NV.

She has a strong proven track record for making positive systematic changes, improving operational bandwidth, and implementing self-led leadership strategies.

As a speaker, consultant, and founder of Carrie Moore International and a collaborative crowdsourcing fund, she leads a global career path coaching and organizational dynamics company focused on creating sponsorship, leadership, and training in the shifting workforce today.








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