From fear, apprehension and perfectionism to being the Founder and Visionary Leader of a Mindset Coaching entity, Adam Clarke appears in the Audience Court and gets investigated today at 2 PM EST (or 6 PM GMT his time) about how did it all happen.

We will investigate how Your Vocation began and how Twitter played a role in today’s interview! Difficult questions will be asked, interrogation will be real and there will be no easy escape!

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Meet Adam Clarke

A Leader first, Manager second that knows that it is all about the people. Without engaged, empowered people at the heart of everything, everything suffers.

Problem solver, cost reducer, high performance team creator.

Ability to work across any field or specialism as Leadership and engagement with people is the heart and sole of it all.

From a young age I was driven and determined to succeed with a strong work ethos, a sound attitude and a steely determination to grow, develop and climb the ladder.

From running a Landscaping business as a 17 year old to heading a corporate department for the UK and Irish branch of a global technology company, I have learnt that ambition, resilience, determination, drive and consistency of approach are all key to succeeding (of course there is more to it!)

Had 14 jobs from Landscaper, Personal Trainer, Leisure Operational Management and Educator to Health & Safety Advisor, Compliance Manager, Information Security Lead and Facilities Management. The common element in all roles anywhere is ‘people’ and the ability to engage with each and every one of them, understand them, their needs and take a genuine interest in their goals and ambitions while seeking to do everything within ones power to help them reach them.

Father of 2, husband of 1 (would never be anything else!), cat owner, car lover, NFL Enthusiast and self confessed old skool garage raver!

Love the Branson quote; ‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough they don’t want to’

I also live by this; ‘Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress’

Personal Challenges/Struggles


Too detailed. Spend too much time getting detail together, planning and ensuring things are perfect in my mind before they go public. Have realised that in vetting teams work constantly, while the intention was good, to ensure they reflected quality in their work for individual and team positive perception, it said to them that I didn’t trust them. Equally, perfectionism slowed my delivery down & overwhelmed me with work and pressure.

Profile raising through networking

Struggle with social networking situations. Anxiety to some extent. Don’t feel the need to shout about myself or make myself too visible. Whole new world now with Dreamaniac


Rejection and creating a poor perception in others. Leads to, in my mind, less opportunity, personal mental struggles that not good enough or that I don’t have anything of value to others. I have been seeing that this isn’t the case over the past 3 years, more so than ever now. Deep down, I know this is entirely fabricated in my mind but wrestle with the thoughts often

Over thinking

Slows me down, makes my brain work overtime on all the potential outcomes of something, often more spun toward the negative than the positive although again, has been changing in the last 3 years

Overall, the above items can knock confidence in certain aspects of my personal & professional life


Meet Our Founders and Team

Szebastian Onne G. S.

The ‘almost Naked CEO’

Principal Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Alicia C. M. Couri

The ‘Red Carpet CEO’

Co-Founder, Executive Producer

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