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It is with a heavy heart, we are incredibly sad to report that Gina has passed away. She was supposed to join the Dreamaniac and SzebastianCom team and become a permanent part of our work-family and we are saddened to have lost her. She is survived by her Husband Romnick Dosdos and two beautiful daughters (a 5 Year old and new born baby girl born December 2018).

Our Management Board and entire team are still committed to supporting her babies and family to do everything we can, knowing they have huge medical bills to pay and create a life without a mother

We are grateful to everyone who donated and we urge you to please continue to donate and share the details of this fundraiser. Gina’s family needs your compassion and kindness now more than ever.

Replay of the Facebook LIVE appeal for saving Gina’s Life.

Urgent Appeal - Help Save Gina's Life

An URGENT, Important and humble appeal to Help save Gina's Life. Gina is our Virtual Assistant for a long time and recently gave birth to a baby but the joy was short-lived as Gina herself went into a Cardiac Arrest and urgently needs funds to pay for her medical treatment. Details at Jan 05, 2019. Gina's husband has sent us the copy of Medical Bill which comes out to be US$11000+ and they are in dire need of any help they can get. We urge you to open your hearts, wallets and support with any amount you can. We will continue to post all updates on above link so you can stay abreast of the developments as we hear from her family. As of this moment $475 in total has been donated by 11 generous individuals and we really appreciate your kindness and compassion. Please share this ahead, and spread the word. Gina is too young and her daughters deserve their loving mother to be alive and happy with them! Every dollar, every share counts! Appeal from Alicia Couri and her teams from - Alicia Couri , Dreamaniac TV, Szebastian Onne

Posted by Dreamaniac TV on Thursday, January 3, 2019

Urgent Appeal – Help Gina Live

This beautiful young mother just gave birth to her baby girl in December 2018. It is hard to believe that in a few short days their joy and celebration was cut short when on December 29th Gina was rushed to ICU having suffered cardiac arrest. Gina Arciosa Dosdos is an amazing mom of 2 little girls, a wife, sister, daughter, best friend, etc. and a very hard worker.


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She lives in the Philippines with her family and works as a Virtual Assistant. Gina has been my VA for the past year and I cannot say enough about this terrific young lady.  She is now in critical condition but stable. Her husband has informed me that their medical bills are skyrocketing and she needs financial support right now so the doctors can continue to give her the life-saving medicine that is helping her live.


Unfortunately her family cannot afford the treatment and need our help ASAP. Please consider donating any amount or at the very least,  help by sharing this to everyone you know.


We can make a difference in this young family’s life by not allow her 2 baby girls to grow up without a mommy.


Thank you for your prayers and support!!!

Alicia Couri
Founder  – Red Carpet CEO
Executive Producer  – Dreamaniac TV

Szebastian Onne
anCEO –
Creative Director – Dreamaniac TV

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