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Eleni Anastos started her journey on Dreamaniac TV as a guest on Women Unleashed but this phenomenal lady had such an impact on our audience that she got invited over and again.

As a matter of fact, Eleni is now the Brand Ambassador of Dreamaniac TV and has her own series Money Mindset Matters with Szebastian Onne, Founder and Chief Editor of Dreamaniac TV.

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Who Is Eleni Anastos?

Eleni Anastos is the CEO and founder of Business Insights Now and specializes in uncovering money blocks to help business owners and individuals grow and learn in ways they never thought possible in life and business.  She believes making connections and cultivating relationships is what matters most, including your relationship with money.  Eleni has found that “how you do money is how you do everything” and uncovering money blocks significantly impacts all areas in life, both personal and professional.

Eleni draws upon her background and experience in business development, training and assessment, personal development and education to build tailored programs that will get her clients results.

Sneak Peak at Eleni’s Certifications

Certified Money, Marketing and Soul®Coach | Certified Sacred Money Archetypes®Coach

Certified Money Breakthrough Method®Coach | Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer |

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