DAC-NEPT Program

What is DAC-NEPT Program?

DAC-NEPT is our in-house abbreviation of Dreamaniac Network Expansion Privilege and Terms, Program.

Under this program, as we welcome you as a Guest Expert on our show, we require you to invite your Social Media Network and Client list to connect with Dreamaniac TV online presence.

Why should I invite my network?

Dreamaniac TV takes pride in delivering Inspiring, Empowering, Education and Entertaining content that adds value to our audience network with every single show and episode. Our aim is to spread your message far and wide and we work very hard to make that happen. As your contribution, we require you to invite your network so when we promote your Episode, they can easily find Dreamaniac TV as well as have the opportunity to other guests and shows featured on our LIVE Stream Channel(s). All of guests do this which means not only your network is watching your share your message but network(s) of many other guests who have been on our shows are getting access to your great content too. As a fast growing LIVE Streaming Web TV network we also advertise and promote heavily hence your potential audience keeps increasing each day. It is but only a win-win scenario.

What do I have to do?

You have to complete 3 important steps –

  1. Invite your Network: You invite your network by Social Media Invites, Shout-Out, Newsletter and approving our Promotion Posts which are published with information about your appearance on various shows of our network.
  2. Permit Cross Posting: We mutually permit each other’s business pages to be able to Cross-Post to each other. This feature is used to simultaneously broadcast the show on your business page and personal profile as soon as LIVE Streaming begins on our official page. We do not cross post anything that does not involve you and we ask you to follow the same – unless your broadcast is related to Dreamaniac TV, please do not  broadcast on our page without prior written consent.
  3. Connect with our Team: We also require you to connect with our team on all Social Media so they can tag you as well as alert you about any updates before and during Pre-Production Process as well as before, during and after the actual Show Production. This helps our team help you and look after you during the entire process making it a cake walk for you.

What if I do not agree to DAC-NEPT?

In that case, we are unable to have you as a Guest/Panelist/Co-Host on any of our shows. We work hard to give you the spotlight and spread your message globally and if that does not encourage you to do this, you truly cannot expect us to extend the invite and privilege to you either.

Can I disconnect after the show?

Let’s answer that with a counter question – can we delete your episode after it’s aired and ask you to remove your copy too? Do you think that’s fair? NO? Well then you have your answer.

So how do I begin?

You will receive an email from our Relations Manager with a set of links along with instructions on what to do and how. Once you complete these steps, just let us know via email and we are good to go and will send you the link to a Pre-Production meeting to get you started