Dr. Angelika Christie

Dr. Angelika Christie instead of slowing down and retiring found her inner hero to pursue with even more courage and tenacity a career to help the gritty woman over 50 find KickAss Happiness. She guides these women to finally let go of attachments to anything that keeps them stuck. Angelika shows her the joy and freedom to fully live as the unapologetic, untamed, and magnificent women she is.

She will be sharing her story of her journey from tradition to freedom, preferring justice over privilege and overcoming her insecurities to find the power of Heroic Self Love = Freedom! 


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Women Unleashed, Season 1, Episode 3 - Angelika Christie & Lily Chauvin

Episode 3 of WOMEN UNLEASHED and meet two phenomenal women Angelika Christie and Lily Chauvin - hosted by Alicia Couri and Szebastian Onne

Posted by Szebastian.com on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Unlimited 15 Min Laser coaching

Regular one on one coaching with Angelika is 12K per year.  Angelika can only give away 5 spots to 5 women who are seriously committed to break through to success. Angelika gives only 5 Women who are committed to finally get real results! You pay only $997


I invite the woman who wants it all; her life will be transformed during an incredibly powerful Retreat in the Bahamas with me and a small group of determined women, “Unleash The Magnificent Women That You Are Meant To Be”

Recognizing women who use the power of
Audacious Confidence to #INSPIRE other women

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Producer, Director and Hosts: Alicia Couri | Szebastian Onne
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