Alisha Castagnera Fletcher

Alisha defines the very meaning of the world persistence. Raised in poverty she went on to achieve two Master’s Degrees, and have a career in Mental Health Care. She is a mother of three, a fighter against the odds and a persistent entrepreneur who aims to empower others with a positive perspective (more on the show!) 

She considers her journey an ‘Under Construction’ towards an empowering and enabling path for herself and others by showing people, You Can Survive and Excel no matter what!  

Alisha is a licensed Certified Social Worker (Clinical) and founder of Positive Perspective Inc. and will be talking more about it during the show.

Replay of the Facebook LIVE show Women Unleashed, Season 1, Episode 4
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Women Unleashed - Season 1, Episode 4 with Alisha & Cindy

Join us with our 2 powerful Empowerment Guests Alisha Castagnera Fletcher & Cindy Rodriguez Kelley. It will be fun and so inspirational. This is our final show until next year so you know it's going to be a big one! #Inspire #Personalbranding #WomenUnleashed #AliciaCouri #SzebastianOnne #Genderequality

Posted by on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Holiday Cheer from Dreamaniac TV Team for Alisha Castagnera Fletcher

And that is how, @A Positive Perspective Inc.. came to realization with a tiny help from teams from Alicia Couri, Szebastian Onne - Inspire, Dreamaniac TV Viewers, Women Unleashed and Szebastian.comSpecial thanks to the broader community that got on board to make this happen within 24 hours! Thank you all so so much! It is all about empowering each other achieve their Audicious Confidence! Happy Holidays Y'all!Alicia Couri & Szebastian Onne #DreamBigMakeItHappen

Posted by Alicia Couri on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Connect with Alisha Castagnera Fletcher

FREE 30 MIN Consultation

I have seen what challenges can do to our confidence and how we tend to go down the path of negative perspective. I help people overcome their doubts and look at things with a positive perspective and hence my company is called Positive Perspective Inc.

For a limited time, and for the audience of Dreamaniac TV, I am offering 30 minutes FREE Consultation to people contacting me via email before December 31, 2018.


aposperspectinc at outlook dot com

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