Meet Alicia Couri 

Co-Founder, Executive Producer & Host

As seen on the Audacious Confidence show  of Dreamaniac TV

Alicia Couri is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Actor, Show Host, Style & Personal Branding Expert and a Kolbe Certified Consultant.
She is the Founder & CEO of Red Carpet CEO Consulting, as well as the Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Dreamaniac TV.
Alicia has appeared on many TV news outlets across the United States and has spoken at conferences and prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, Notre Dame University and West Point Academy.
A mother of 3, Alicia is the Author of 4 Books including her signature publications:
AGE YOUNGER – 21 Tips To Make Your 40s Look Like Your 20s.
YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE – Unlocking the Confidence, Style & Influence of the Savvy CEO.

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