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About the Guest Expert, Laure Carter….

Laure Carter is an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant. She helps women have a healthier relationship with foods and with their bodies using the wisdom and tools of Ayurveda.

After a career as an international runway model, Laure attained a BA in English, Arabic and International Affairs with the intention to go into diplomacy. A passion for health and well-being and a strong desire to share her experiences and knowledge took her along a different path.

She’s been in the field of health and wellness for over a decade.
She’s the creator of: 12 Weeks to a Lighter You, a one of a kind online Ayurvedic weight loss group coaching program.

Poor eating habits can greatly damage your confidence and you may not even be aware of it.  Yo Yo diets and crazy fads are not the answer to creating confidence in how you look and feel.

Laure Carter an Ayurvedic and lifestyle coach is our guest on the Audacious Confidence Show with the host, Alicia Couri – to guide us in creating a healthy and naturally sustainable relationship with food.

Your confidence skyrockets when your digestion functions well because not only do you feel good and have more energy, you have an opportunity to look your best.

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Save the Date – TUESDAY, July 09 at 7 PM EST, broadcasting LIVE via Facebook on Dreamaniac TV.

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and enter a draw to win a signed copy of Alicia Couri’s book, Age Younger: 21 Tips to Make Your 40’s Look Like Your 20’s.

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Los Angeles – 4 PM

Laure Carter, the Ayurvedic and Lifestyle Coach on the Audacious Confidence Show

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